We Help Brands Reach the Full Potential of Influencer Marketing


We are a team of influencer strategists, technologists, data scientists, and operations professionals. Over the last year, we have activated over 75,000 influencers and creators to publish more than 6,500 pieces of collaborated content per month.

We breathe life into each influencer partnership and welcome brands and agencies to partner with us in one of two ways — through ACTIVATE Studio, where we provide full white-glove influencer marketing services, or through the ACTIVATE Platform, where marketers can have direct, self-serve access to our technology, data, and influencer network.

We Are the Original Influencer Marketing Company


We’ve come a long way since our inception. Our story began in 2007, long before the term ‘influencer’ gained popularity, when we launched BLOGLOVIN’, an online platform and community for creators, tastemakers, and their most avid fans. Through BLOGLOVIN’, we learned all about emerging creators, what makes content compelling and engaging, and how to run influencers partnerships at scale to fuel our own growth. Today, we have over 12 million registered global users engaging with content on our platform.

As the platform continued to grow, brands and marketers would eventually catch on to the power of these creators and begin leveraging the BLOGLOVIN’ platform to find influencers and reaching out to us for help in building partnerships with them. 

We formally launched the ACTIVATE technology platform in 2014 to help our team and our partners to run these influencer collaborations more efficiently. From there, the rest is history.