We built ACTIVATE after working on hundreds of collaborations manually and understanding the key pain-points to scaling influencer activations.

Our three core product offerings will help you scale and grow your influencer collaborations easily and build long-lasting relationships with influencers. Learn more about ACTIVATE Insights, Workflow, and Discover below.

ACTIVATE Insights: Measure Impact for Your Influencer Collaborations

We believe in data that tells the full story. See live performance and reporting data to drive your collaboration optimization decisions


Performance Graphs, CSV Exports, and API Access

Monitor and track real-time activity. Understand your impact and scale it across different platforms.

Get content performance reports on Blog, Facebook, Instagram, IG Stories, IGTV, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter! 

Use our beautiful charts for your reports or export the collaboration CSV to create your own. We also offer an API for clients who would like to integrate deeper with our platform.

Instagram Stories & IGTV Reporting

We're always innovating to make sure you can continuously launch creative collaborations.

Streamline your Instagram Stories & IGTV reporting by receiving metrics right on the ACTIVATE platform.

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ACTIVATE Collaborations: Scale Your Influencer Relationships

Efficiencies in influencer discovery and workflow allow you to focus on what's most important: developing the brand/influencer affinity and collaborating on content strategy.


Multi-Platform Content Review

Our content review allows influencers and brands to easily upload multiple file types and easily circulate content revisions. Track all drafts and revisions - nothing goes live until it has your seal of approval.

Our content review supports all content formats:

  1. Instagram, IG Stories, IGTV

  2. Blog Posts

  3. YouTube Videos

  4. Facebook Posts & Videos

  5. Tweets and more!

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Universal Messaging

Easily communicate with your influencers with our universal messaging feature. Interchange all types of documents - images, videos, PDFs, the works.

Running multiple collaborations with different campaign managers all at once? Filter by your different collaborations to streamline your communication. Our universal messaging platform will scale with you as your team grows.

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ACTIVATE Discover: Find Fresh Talent to Build Relationships With

ACTIVATE Discover is here to streamline your influencer selection process. We’ve combined our search engine with expertly curated lists to help you find the perfect influencers for your next collaboration. 


Discover Curated Influencers

Discover fresh and new creators everyday who would be a great fit for your brand. 

Our Curated Lists feature 500+ influencers that have been carefully hand-selected by the ACTIVATE Studio Team based on various criteria, including content quality, performance, and professionalism.

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World Class Influencer Network

Our opt-in network gives us direct access to the social media profiles and analytics of more than 150,000 influencers. With sophisticated search, filters and targeted micro-surveys, find your future ambassadors.

Our proprietary platform and network allows you to identify and vet creators based on criteria such as key life moments, personal experiences, retailer and brand affinity, psycho-graphic interests, audience demographics & geography and more!

Each influencer profile is filled with samples of their content, past work, and deep metrics. Influencers also share their favorite brands with whom they'd love to work. 

See influencers' past and past partnerships to get a feel of their aesthetic and creativity.

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We Work with the World's Top Brands & Agencies


Case Studies

At ACTIVATE, we partner with brands and influencers to tell engaging and compelling stories across social media, at scale. We are a team of influencer strategists, technologists, data scientists, brand partners and operations professionals.

Over the last year, we have activated over 75,000 influencers to publish more than 6,500 pieces of collaborated content per month.







Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka

Travellers Insurance

Travellers Insurance



“We’re using ACTIVATE to manage our programs from start to finish. Having previously tried to build out an in-house tool, ACTIVATE has allowed us to manage programs completely in one system without having to utilize extensive tech resources to manage a platform.”

— Senior Vice President, Influencer & Integrated Marketing, Lifestyle Media Company (Comscore ranked Top 3)
“ACTIVATE has been a fantastic platform in supporting the influencer program at Gwynnie Bee. The user friendly platform has allowed us to discover new potential partners across a variety of niche categories in order to aide brand awareness on social media. Having a one stop shop to discover, engage, manage and track our partnerships has been super beneficial in optimizing our program.”
— PR & Influencer, Gwynnie Bee
We looked at 30 some odd different platforms before ACTIVATE. Prior to that we had spent so much money on different tools. There were always redundancies or inefficiencies. We needed one great platform that could do the most for us. We discovered ACTIVATE, which really sort of gave us the mecca of Influencer Marketing. Activate has a lot of pieces that we were outsourcing to many different platforms right within this one place. Its helped us manage many more campaigns with much more efficiency.
— President, Advertising Agency Partner
ACTIVATE is one of the most elite influencer marketing platforms out there, with the best analytics and a real opt-in influencer network. Every program we have launched has received hundreds of excellent creator applicants.
— Director of Client Services, Media Agency Partner

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