New: Introducing ACTIVATE Casting Decks

Streamline Influencer Pitches with Customizable Casting Decks

Every week, thousands of influencer marketers and talent managers will spend hours manually collating influencer images and copying and pasting reach and engagement numbers into PowerPoint casting decks. We believe that technology can solve this problem so you can focus on creating a thoughtful casting lens and collaborating on creative strategy.

Introducing Casting Decks

We are excited to launch Casting Decks on the ACTIVATE platform today for all our clients. This powerful new tool will allow campaign managers to create influencer pitches with a click of a button. This means you will no longer have to manually compile all the data for an influencer to send to your clients. Our technology will do all the work for you while offering you the flexibility of sharing and customizing your Casting Decks to fit your needs.


Customizability at your Fingertips

As you add creators to your Casting Deck, you can edit every single influencer’s platform metrics, audience demographics, and content to fit the program that you are pitching them for.

For example, if the collaboration is driven by Blog and Instagram content and has an important focus on targeting females of a certain age group, you can bulk edit all the content of influencers in your Casting Deck to only feature their Blog and Instagram posts while promoting visibility into their audience demographics.

Further, if this collaboration for a skincare brand, you can easily curate the content to feature images or videos that showcase the influencer talking about their skincare regime (learn about our Content Exploration feature).

Casting Deck — Customizable Audience Demographics

Add Curated Communities of Influencers Instantly

Access ACTIVATE’s pre-vetted curated lists and invite them directly to campaigns or add them to casting decks. These lists are compiled based on factors including but not limited to market demand, influencer momentum, seasonality and trend forecasts. Whether you’re looking for bilingual creators, professional photographers or college aged influencers, we have a list you can tap into!

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 3.19.02 PM.png

Influencer’s Personal Stories & Collaboration Relevancy

Our Collaborations engine allows you to pull personal stories from creators on why they would be perfect for the program — whether it be a key life moment (they are about to purchase a new home and can take the consumer through that journey with them) or because of specific experience or expertise (they are a professional photographer and can opine on the latest gear).

You can then easily pull through these stories and highlight them as part of your ‘pitch’ for that particular influencer.

ACTIVATE Collaborations Engine Personal Stories

Featured Content Preview

The interactive nature of the Casting Deck lets you view and learn about each influencer’s content and engagement performance. Every piece of content from any platform (Blog, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) can be viewed directly from the deck.

If you wanted to explore the influencer’s content even further, you can click out from the pop up and be led directly to the influencer’s social platform profile.

Casting Deck Featured Content Pop-Up

Start Creating Today

Casting Deck is a powerful feature that will help your team scale your influencer marketing capabilities more than ever. We’re excited to bring this feature to marketers and talent managers everywhere to empower their work while showcasing the uniqueness of every single creator.

Check out a Casting Deck today!

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