We partner with brands and influencers to tell engaging and compelling stories across social media, at scale.

We are a team of influencer strategists, technologists, data scientists, and operations professionals. Over the last 12 months, through the power of our ACTIVATE technology and the depth and scale of our influencer relationships, we activated over 75,000 influencers and creators. These partnerships have given rise to collaborated content for top brands and agencies including:


Want to learn how to turn influencers into the voice and distribution of your next campaign?
Download our case studies that include our work with New Balance, Aveda, and Girl Scouts USA.

I’ve been so thrilled with this partnership. I work with a lot of clients and agencies but the 360 nature of this campaign has really exceeded my expectations of both the brand and ACTIVATE’s influencer activation
— Rach Martino, Influencer

How We Partner with Brands and Agencies

We invite brands and agencies to partner with us in one of two ways—through ACTIVATE Studio, where we provide full white-glove influencer marketing services, or through our ACTIVATE Platform, where marketers can have direct, self-serve or API access to our technology, data, and influencer network.




Partner with our ACTIVATE Studio team to collaborate on innovative and data-driven programs that seek to deliver engaging content, strong consumer engagement, and measurable results.

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Leverage ACTIVATE, our proprietary influencer technology platform to identify, manage, and report on scaled influencer programs with access to our ACTIVATE Studio team on an as-needed basis. API access available for Enterprise Partners.

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ACTIVATE is one of the most elite influencer marketing platforms out there, with the best analytics and a real opt-in influencer network
— Director of Client Services, Media Agency Partner

Find Creators That Align With Your Mission


Our opt-in network gives us direct access to the social media profiles and analytics of more than 150,000 influencers. With sophisticated search, filters and targeted micro-surveys, find your future ambassadors.

Our proprietary platform and network allows you to identify and vet creators based on criteria such as key life moments, personal experiences, retailer and brand affinity, psycho-graphic interests, audience demographics & geography and more!



Social Handshake

Social Handshake is a new way for marketers and influencers to build mutually strong relationships on the platform. At ACTIVATE, we take data and privacy very seriously. Influencers have control over who can see their full profile and can grant or deny access to brands when requested.

For brands and agencies, Social Handshake is a great opportunity to see which influencers are excited to work with you. When an influencer accepts your Social Handshake, your Collaboration opportunities will be given priority treatment and will be at the top of the influencer’s on the influencer dashboard.

Audience data

Our influencers connect their social accounts to ACTIVATE, so we're able to see their real audience demographics directly from the social platforms.

Engagement data

We're indexing millions of engagements everyday, making it possible for us find the influencers with the most engaged audience for your campaign.

Influencer reported data

We ask our network about their household income, where they shop, their education level, and more to help you make more informed decisions about the audience that's right for you.

We looked at 30 some odd different platforms before ACTIVATE. Prior to that we had spent so much money on different tools. There were always redundancies or inefficiencies. We needed one great platform that could do the most for us. We discovered ACTIVATE, which really sort of gave us the mecca of Influencer Marketing. Activate has a lot of pieces that we were outsourcing to many different platforms right within this one place. Its helped us manage many more campaigns with much more efficiency.
— President, Advertising Agency Partner

From Data to Actionable Insights


With access to nearly 150K registered influencers and 10MM+ consumers on the BLOGLOVIN’ platform, alongside our experience running tens of thousands of campaigns for Brand and Agency clients, we are putting the pieces together to bring interesting insights to you as you strategize your next influencer marketing campaign!


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