New: Influencer Relationship Management (IRM)

Intuitive Technology to Support Longer Term, Holistic Influencer Relationships


Cultivate Deeper, Longer Term Influencer Relationships

While the influencer industry has grown tremendously and become much more sophisticated, it remains very much a people business. Strong brand-influencer relationships drive real impact, in the form of more relevant content and more engagement. In this ever-growing pool of influencers, we have seen first hand the value of tracking which influencer actually drive impact — and appropriately rewarding them with more of our time and resources.

Beyond Collaborations

We are excited to launch on ACTIVATE, Influencer Relationship Management (IRM), which allows marketers to manage large sets of insights on creators that they are considering working with or have partnered with before. IRM represents a new suite of tools to allow marketers to cultivate and manage influencer relationships at scale.

IRM Dashboard

All Your Influencers, One Dashboard

One of the most powerful benefits of working with ACTIVATE is the ability to tap our large network of opt-in influencers. Being able to quickly discover and connect with real influencers who are excited to work with you or already customers of your brand, has always made ACTIVATE special. But if there are other influencers out there not in our network, IRM allows you to track all of your influencer partnerships in one place.

Add Influencer

Our new Influencer Relationship Management helps you to track everyone that you’re working with, whether they’re influencers that you’ve discovered from our curated communities on ACTIVATE, or someone you met IRL at your latest event! You can add any influencer to your database anytime you’d like.

ACTIVATE will immediately build a basic profile for them using public data, so you can pull them into casting decks, add them to lists, or store custom qualitative or quantitative data points (eg. “Met her at at the LA event in June”). Should you want to see deeper analytics, the influencers can connect their social handles and unlock more access for you — rich, first party data that is protected by the ACTIVATE Social Handshake.

Example Profile

Manage Influencer Data and Insights that Matter to You

We are so excited about the possibilities of IRM — as it takes all of our existing data, from influencers, from 1st party social platform APIs, as well as 3rd party supplemental data sources, and helps you to augment that with unique data points for your own influencer relationships.

Starting with Public Data

For any influencer you wish to include in your ‘network’, we compile an overview of their publicly available data. All the things you might see if you visited their social profiles manually, such as follower count (reach) or content aesthetic across all of their platforms are automatically entered into your database.

Influencer Reported Data

Influencers that join the ACTIVATE platform can also submit more information about themselves, such as their personal bios, brands or retailers they are excited about, past brand partnerships and more. This useful information is integrated into your network’s database and made searchable across our platform.

Deeper Analytics, Protected by Social Handshake

Influencers that you are working closely with will use our handshake tool to unlock even more detailed information for you — this includes deeper audience, engagement and saturation data… the metrics they don’t want to share with just anyone.

Custom Data Makes the IRM Work for You

Finally, with IRM, you can now also include custom data points about influencers that are specific to your needs:

  • Shoe Sizes: Perhaps you are launching a shoe brand, and need to track shoe sizes for your network so you can ship them the right size product

  • Curl Type: Maybe you are a haircare brand that needs to track which influencers have curl type A vs C

  • Events: Easily remember which of your events the influencer attended

  • Life Moments: Perhaps you are a baby product company that wants to track when certain influencers in your network will become new mothers

All of your custom fields will appear on each influencer’s profile under a new “IRM” tab. You can quickly view & edit info for a single influencer in this view.

A Birds-Eye View of Your Influencer Network

While having all this data on-hand is great, we have seen first hand from running thousands of influencer programs, that what really matters, is how efficiently we can interface with all this information. With our new customize-able layouts, you have dramatically more control over the ACTIVATE experience, while putting the data you care about, in focus.

Wide Screen View to Take More In

The first thing we did was add all of your new custom IRM fields to influencer cards. Then we integrated other data points that were previously only available on full influencer profiles. Things like: past campaigns, average engagement rates, percentage of content that is sponsored, are now at your fingertips. This started to take up a lot of screen real estate; so we made these pages as wide as your screen will allow. Our responsive layouts take full advantage of whatever screen you are using, so that you can see as much information as possible.

Customize What You See

Information overload can be a real problem. Not everyone cares about the same metrics, that’s why ACTIVATE now lets you customize what data you see. You can stay laser focused on the metrics that matter without being distracted by social platforms that you aren’t currently partnering with influencers on, or metrics you don’t care about.

New, Expanded List View

List View is a great new way to compare metrics for multiple influencers all at once. Reorient your perspective into a denser spreadsheet inspired layout that lets you see much more in a snap.

Quickly Monitor Your Network

At the top of your IRM dashboard is an overview of your network. We automatically segment your database into logical buckets based on your past interactions with the influencers. Clicking a bucket instantly drills down to those influencers. We highlight creators you’re working with now, those you have worked with before, and other useful segmentation of influencers.

Save Time with Bulk Actions

Start with our powerful search filters to focus on the right influencers for your current task. Cherry pick the influencers that are exactly what you need for a particular collaboration. Bulk action buttons will appear at the bottom letting you act on all of these influencers at once.

Powerful Search

IRM lets you define, view, edit, and most importantly search. In addition to all of our standard search filters, you can now filter influencers based on the custom data in your IRM.

Find an influencer with an upcoming wedding to mail them a gift. See which influencers attended your events last year so, that you can invite them again this year. Whatever you need, the possibilities are truly endless.

We are so excited about this latest (major) iteration of the ACTIVATE platform and its ability to support deeper and more holistic influencer / brand relationships for our partners.

“IRM allows you to not only store important data but access that information with ease. This will give brands and agencies a holistic view of their influencer network, creating meaningful efficiencies and empowering you to make smarter influencer partnership decisions. In building this suite of IRM tools, we really kept execution in mind — what it means to really partner at scale with influencers without having to forfeit quality of relationship.”
— Lauren McGrath, Vice President of ACTIVATE Studio & Strategy